Achievements 2020-21

Gold Medals are no really made of Gold. They are made of Sweat, determinations and a hard to find alloy called Guts” Dan Gabel

The department of Physical Education and Sports offers the students precisely the guts, the determination and the zeal to participate and win. Our college students perform outstanding in Volley-ball, Fencing, Wrestling, Cycling and Athletics at various levels of competition. Our sportspersons of International repute to motivate our girls students.

To promote the culture of sports among the students, the college has a policy to provide certain free-ships to the extraordinary sports students in the form of free education (No tuition fee) and free boarding and lodging in the college hostel. The athletes are also given free sport kits. Considering their busy schedule due to the regular tournaments, special instructions have been given to the faculty members for making arrangements for the completion of their syllabi.